Company Information

Registered Name: Globe Capital Limited

Registered Office: Cricket Square, Hutchins Dr, P.O. Box 2681 George Town, Grand Cayman, KY-1111, Cayman Islands

Registration Number: 231187

Symbol: GCAP

ISIN: KYG394391158

Incorporation: 18 September 2009

Exchange: Aquis Exchange

Admission Date: 30 July 2010

Shareholders with an interest over 3% as of 30 June 2023
Alexander David Securities18,900,0007.39%
DHD Impex Limited43,390,47616.95%
Optica Securities Limited40,000,00015.63%
Directors with an interest as of 30 June 2023
Toddbrook Investments (owned by Darren Edmonston)5,742,8572.24%
Burns Singh Tennent-Bhohi65,865,79525.74%
PDMR Notifications
DirectorDatePrevious HoldingChange in OwnershipResulting Holding%
Burns Singh Tennent-Bhohi06/04/22051,997,70051,997,70020.32%
Burns Singh Tennent-Bhohi20/04/2251,997,7004,391,90556,389,60522.05%
Burns Singh Tennent-Bhohi25/05/2256,389,6059,476,19065,865,79525.74%